The Great Commission

Dear Friends,

Greetings at the outset of 2014. We pray God’s abundant blessing over you and your household as we stand on the summit of another exciting year.

With regard to 2014, I have some exciting news to share with you as to what Carol and I believe the Lord has spoken to us, which I’m sure some of you may already be aware of.

At the end of March, Carol and I will be embarking on an exciting encounter along with a small international team to travel to Israel, to walk out the Great Commission …literally.

This expedition begins as I travel on foot, carrying my cross and bowl in Judea into Bethlehem, Christ's birthplace. From there I will carry the cross and bowl to Jerusalem, the hinge of Christendom. Next, the journey will continue on foot, through Samaria concluding in Nazareth, where Jesus was raised.

Upon leaving Nazareth, the team will head to Cape Town, South Africa, to board one of the three ships which visits the island of Tristan De Cunha each year.

Walking Expedition to Trace Literal Path of The Great Commission Tristan De Cunha is considered to be the remotest inhabited place on earth, a tiny island in the Atlantic, 1700 miles from Cape Town, S.A. Tristan De Cunha has only 274 inhabitants, no airport and no harbor. It is literally, THE UTTERMOST PART OF THE EARTH.

As a prophetic statement of the Great Commission, letters will be received from the churches in Jerusalem, Bethlehem in Judea, and Nazareth north of Samaria. Once in Tristan De Cunha, I will deliver these letters to the people, just as the
letters of the New Testament were delivered to the churches.

I along with the team hope to return to South Africa by the end of May, 2014.

An integral part of this mission is to have 100 churches of different backgrounds, in different countries, involved by partnering in prayer and support throughout the journey. The hope is that partnering churches and individuals will embrace the concept of the mission and be challenged to a fresh discovery of outward focus and mission as individuals and churches embrace their own Great Commission.

We have also set up a Facebook page ‘Walking the Great Commission’ to keep you up-to date on a daily basis once the actual walk begins. You will need to ‘like” the page should you wish to receive updates. You can also follow us on Twitter @footwasher1

I’m asking you to link hands in undertaking to pray for the mission. We need to be soaking every aspect in prayer.

Obviously an undertaking of this magnitude is a huge ‘faith project’ and very costly, so we would value any financial support which the Lord may lay on your heart to sow in as well.

Be Blessed in your serving!
Our love.
David and Carol


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